The Earth's Final Confession
Kanji 地球最後の告白を
Rōmaji Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhako wo
English The Earth's Final Confession
Song Information
Music and Lyrics kemu
Artist Gumi APPEND power

The Earth's Final Confession (地球最後の告白を Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhako wo) is the fifth song in the series. It was given the subtitle 「少年は言いたいことがあった」 (The boy had something to say). It features Yun.


The Worlds Final Confession is about a girl who wished she would never grow up when she was young. She watched the person she loved grow old and eventually pass on. She lives to see humanity be wiped out and then confesses to the boy she loves after she knows that she too will pass on if she does. This song has over 1300000 views and a place on the VOCALOID hall of legends.


  • GUMI APPEND Power sings this song.
  • This song can be found on NND at sm18198019
  • This song was not featured on the album PANDORA VOXX, but is track 3 on disk 2 of PANDORA VOXX -complete-
  • On PANDORA VOXX -reboot- this song is covered by Utawa Sakura (歌和サクラ)
  • On IA THE WORLD~光~ this song is sung by IA.
  • This song was not featured on the extra disk of PANDORA VOXX, but was remixed to be a choir-ish version on PANDORA VOXX -reboot- disk 3.

Lyrics & TranslationEdit


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