“If you could predict the future, there’d actually be no point to it.”

—From Chapter 1 of Ikasama Life Game

Sora Fushimi

Sora Hatsuko

Sora fumi

Kanji 伏見ソラ
Rōmaji Fushimi Sora
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Deceased/Alive
First Appearance
Novel Ikasama Life Game

Sora Fushimi (伏見ソラ Fushimi Sora) is a character from the Life Cheating Game novel.


Sora has long black hair, her fringe is held up by two black hair clips. Half of her hair is tucked behind her ears and half falls in front of them. She has black eyes. In the novel she wears both the Kurihara East high school uniform and her date clothes. Her school uniform consists of a white and grey sailor uniform, a black cardigan and a grey skirt. The clothes that she wears on her date are a white lace blouse, a frilly flared mini skirt, a pale pink cardigan and white lace stockings.[1]


Sora has always been a tomboy with little interest in following the norm, according to Natsuhiko. She talks like a boy and is said to rarely wear skirts, and only does so on her date with Natsuhiko and at school. Apart from that, she has an interest in the unknown and enjoys solving mysteries, this may be attributed to her parents' jobs as researchers. [2] Sora is also smart and perceptive, she points out the contradictions with predicting the future which Natsuhiko had never thought about and immediately notices how suspicious the price that Maki-chan mentioned is.
Sora can often be extremely direct about how she feels, this combined with her playfully malicious personality often leads to her embarrassing and teasing Natsuhiko for fun. Occasionally, she shows a gentler, caring side, such as when she takes care of Natsuhiko after he passes out. [3]


“(Natsuhiko will never smile again after this…)”

—From The Epilogue of Ikasama Life Game

When Maki-chan goes back in time at the end of the novel, she creates an alternate reality where she saves Sora from being pushed in front of the train and grants her wish - "To be with Natsuhiko". In this reality, Natsuhiko's card tells him to go to Kitahiragawa station to meet with Sora and then disappears.


  • “I’m not saying I just love you as a childhood friend, y'know? It’s not that I love you like family either. I love you, Natsuhiko Shidou, as a boy.” - Sora confessing to Natsuhiko, Chapter 2
  • "In conclusion, according to a flawless future prediction, the future you know absolutely must not change. Regardless of whatever kind of unfortunate incident, you can’t avoid them at any cost." - Sora explaining the card's contradiction, Chapter 3


  • Her favorite genres are sci-fi and mystery.
  • She's extremely self-conscious of her chest size, which is smaller than average.[1]
  • She's often confused for Yui-chan, the character from Reincarnation.