Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Kanji 六兆年と一夜物語
Rōmaji Roku Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari
English Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Song Information
Music and Lyrics kemu
Illustrations and Movie hatsuko (illust)
Ke-sanβ (Movie)
Artist IA
Released April 11, 2012
NND Link Nico Nico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album PANDORA VOXX and PANDORA VOXX -complete-

Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story (六兆年と一夜物語 Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari) is the fouth song in the series. It was given the subtitle 「少年は人になりたかった」(The boy wanted to be human). It features Riku and Ai.


Six Trillion Years and Overnight story is a song about Riku-kun , who was treated like a monster and could see no happiness in his life and questioned his existence. He then met a girl and they ran away together. He said that 'This world would be better if everyone would disappear' and then before his eyes appeared Maki-chan who came to grant his wish. This song is the most popular in the series as it has over 2500000 views on NND and a space in the VOCALOID Hall of Legend.


  • This is the most popular song in the PANDORA VOXX series.
  • This song is the first time kemu used IA
  • This song has a promised novel adaption which is to be released in September 27.
  • On the album PANDORA VOXX , it is track number 10
  • Whereas on PANDORA VOXX -complete- it is track number 8
  • On PANDORA VOXX -reboot- it is sung by Pico (ピコ)
  • On the extra disk of PANDORA VOXX it has been remixed into a slower and calmer version. On the extra disk of PANDORA VOXX -complete- and -reboot- it is the same remix but with Kagamine Len as vocals instead of IA.

Lyrics & TranslationEdit

☀Romaji English

Na mo nai jidai no shuuraku no 

Na mo nai osanai shounen no 
Dare mo shiranai 

In a village of a nameless era 

And of a nameless young boy 
No one knows 
This fairy tale

Umaretsuita toki kara 

Oni no ko to shite 
Sono mi ni amaru 
Batsu o uketa

From the time of my birth 

A taboo child 
As a demon's offspring 
Though I didn't deserve it 
I received the punishment

Kanashii koto wa 

Nan imo nai kedo 
Yuuyake koyake 
Te o hikarete sa

There is nothing 

To be sad about at all 
But the small burn of sunset 
Pulls on my hand

Shiranai shiranai boku wa nani mo shiranai 

Shikarareta ato no yasashisa mo 
Ameagari no te no nukumori mo 
Demo hontou wa hontou wa hontou wa hontou ni samui n da

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know anything 

Neither the kindness after scolding 
Nor the warmth after rain 
But really, really, really, it's really cold

Shinanai shinanai boku wa nan de shinanai? 

Yume no hitotsu mo mirenai kuse ni 
Dare mo shiranai 
Otogibanashi wa 
Yuuyake no naka ni suukomarete 

I can't die, I can't die, why can't I die? 

Even though I can't have a single dream 
No one knows 
This fairy tale 
Drawn into the sunset 
It disappeared

Hakidasu you na bouryoku to 

Sagesunda me no mainichi ni 
Kimi wa itsu shika 
Soko no tatteta

Violence that was almost spit out 

And contemptuous eyes every day 
Eventually you 
Were standing there

Hanashikakecha dame na no ni 

"Kimi no namae ga shiritai na" 
Gomen ne 
Namae mo 
Shita mo nai n da

Even though I wasn't supposed to talk to you 

"I wish I could know your name" 
I'm sorry 
I have no name 
Not even a tongue

Boku no ibasho wa 

Doko ni mo nai no ni 
"Issho ni kaerou" 
Te o hikarete sa

The place where I belong 

Doesn't exist anywhere 
"Let's go home together" 
My hand is pulled 

Shiranai shiranai boku wa nani mo shiranai 

Kimi wa mou kodomo ja nai koto mo 
Hito no te no nukumori wa 
Tada hontou ni hontou ni hontou ni hontou no koto nanda

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know anything 

Neither the fact that you're not a child anymore 
Nor the unfamiliar 
Warmth of human hands 
Just that this really, really, really is reality

Yamenai yamenai kimi wa nan de yamenai? 

Mitsukareba korosarechau kuse ni 
Ameagari ni imiko ga futari 
Yuuyake no naka ni suukomarete 

You won't stop, you won't stop, why won't you stop? 

Even though you'll be killed if found 
Two taboo children after the rain 
Were drawn into the sunset 
And disappeared

Hi ga kurete yoru ga akete 

Asobitsukarete tsukamatte 
Konna sekai 
Boku to kimi igai 
Minna inaku nareba 
Ii no ni na 

Daytime begins, nighttime begins 

Caught when tired of playing 
In this world 
Aside from you and me 
If everyone else stopped existing 
It would be so nice

Minna inaku nareba 

Ii no ni na

If everyone else stopped existing 

It would be so nice

Shiranai shiranai koe ga kikoete sa 

Boku to kimi igai no zenjinrui 
Aragau ma mo naku 
Te o hikarete sa 
Yuuyake no naka ni suukomarete 

I hear a voice I don't know, don't know 

Aside from you and me, all of mankind 
Will soon resist 
Pulled by the hand  
And drawn in by the sunset 
We disappeared

Shiranai shiranai boku wa nanimo shiranai 

Kore kara no koto mo 
Kimi no na mo 
Ima wa 
Ima wa kore de ii n da to 
Tada hontou ni hontou ni hontou ni hontou ni omou n da

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know anything 

Neither what will happen from now on 
Nor your name 
For now 
For now, that's fine 
I just really, really, really, really think so

Shiranai shiranai 

Ano miminari wa 
Yuuyake no naka ni suukomarete kiretetta

I don't know, I don't know 

That ringing in the ears 
Was drawn in by the sunset and disappeared


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