Seiji Sketch
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Novel Invisible



Seiji is described as having thin, slender eyes and long and high nose. He has long, grey hair and the features of a model - Souhei notes he could mistaken for a woman from a distance. He is fairly tall and slender, and often wears a black button-down shirt and skinny jeans. In terms of ear piercings, on his left ear he has a helix cuff and a tragus stud.


Former lead singer of a rock band that Haruka liked called <<clouds>>. He recently disappeared to the Invisible City, where he works as a purveyor with Riina. Whereas Riina collects the items, Seiji accumulates a list of what's needed and distributes them among people living in the city.[1]
Though he is not the leader of the Invisible City, he holds a strong presence among both young and old people in the city. Just at the sound of his voice, people are aware of his authoritative presence.
He also knows a lot about the city, such as it's history and the people that live there.


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