The boy refused perfection.

—Author's Comment to the song

Kanji リンカーネイション
Rōmaji Rinkaaneishon
English Reincarnation
Song Information
Music and Lyrics Kemu
Illustrations and Movie Hatsuko (Illustration)
Ke-sanβ (Video)
Artist Kagamine Rin & GUMI
Released March 14, 2013
NND Link NicoNico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album PANDORA VOXX complete

Reincarnation (リンカーネイション Rinkaaneishon) is the 7th song in the series. It was given the subtitle 「少年は完全を拒んだ」 (The boy refused perfection).


Reincarnation was uploaded on March 24th, 2013, with 1,056,144+ views. The song quickly reached the Hall of Fame (exceeding 100,000 views) within the time of its release. It entered the Vocaloid Hall of Legend on March 10, 2014.
It tells a story about Yui, who finds herself in a city where she does not want any wishes. She foresees other peoples futures on the cathode-ray tube and decides to turn down Maki-chan's proposal to give her a cube.


  • Reincarnation's PV is the first video to show original character designs for most characters. 
  • It is is track 2 on the second disk of PANDORA VOXX -complete-.
  • On the 3rd disk of PANDORA VOXX -reboot-, it has been remixed into a 16bit version.
  • Many people in the community mistake Yui-chan for Sora Fushimi and Haruka Kurisawa for their similar appearance. Her identity was revealed back in 2013, when ke-sanβ revealed the password for the off-vocal version on the website was 'ユイちゃん' (Yui-chan)[1]

Lyrics & TranslationEdit


In this cloudy metropolis the buzzing in my ears clicks away.
There aren't any memories that I really wish for or hold on to.
The leading actors of this great disastrous chaos, the presenters.
With an inheritance of memories and nearby troubles.

In this filthy world,
I laugh in the endless rain.
In this world turned to ashes,
I certainly dreamed I was finite.

The final runner dashes towards the end.
Shall we finish this, right here?
And yet, only once, did that irregular youth,
refuse perfection.

In this world without miracles, or anything else,
if I were able to dream of a cathode-ray tube,
Then wouldn't it be wonderful?
Right now, god will become my target.

An answer for the reincarnation prodigy and after such a long time,
somehow, yearning for normalcy.
In the hustle and bustle of an intersection, the youth is isolated.
Saying 'please, I'll leave the rest to you.'

In this world where we're alone together,
the final apple I held in my hand,
has a well-seasoned flavor,
it so lovingly seemed to me.

The final runner dashes towards the end.
trampling over the ruins of the leading role.
the earth's final chance.
contrary to expectations, was irresponsibly entrusted to me.

In this world without miracles, or anything else,
if I were able to smile at fairy-tales,
then wouldn't that be wonderful?
Right now, god will become my target.

Trudging through this dire situation, and slipping through the net.
The genius images I set up so highly,
with my, in any case cold, life-prolonging treatment
are so pretentious, it's detestable.

Gods are always alone,
Chasing ideals that will never come.
Idiotic us, from the beginning,
We never needed, that candy.

The final runner dashes towards the end.
Shall we finish it, right here?
For the sake of our dreaming,
we wished for a world without dreams.

In a world without this miracle box,
if i were able to live and die as i am,
then wouldn't that be wonderful?
Right now, God will become the target of my final chapter.[2]


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