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PANDORA VOXX is KEMU VOXX's first album. It features 3 disks.


  • PANDORA VOXX ; The first disk with all original songs.
  • PANDORA VOXX -Reset Game- ; The second disk with remix's by suzumu
  • PANDORA VOXX -Apocalypse- ; A DVD with PVs


Disk 1 : PANDORA VOXX Edit

1. Era ; An instrumental track
2. Life Reset Button (人生リセットボタン) ; sm16110005
3. Our Policy of Retaliation (ぼくらの報復制作) ; Not released on NND. PV on 3rd Disk
4. Intron - An instrumental track
5. Cheating Life Game (イカサマライフゲーム) ; sm16915126
6. Wind-Up God (カミサマネジマキ) ; sm18511216
7. Invisible (インビジブル) ; sm16474954
8. Daze ; An instrumental track
9. Mop Heroism (モップヒロイズム) ; Not released on NND
10. Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story (六兆年と一夜物語) ; sm17520775
11. Defeated Boy (敗北の少年) ; sm20797677
12. Exec: An instrumental track

Disk 2 : PANDORA VOXX - Reset GAME - Edit

All tracks on disk 2 are remixed by suzumu

1. Life Reset Button (人生リセットボタン); An orchestral remix with no vocals
2. Invisible (インビジブル) ; An orchestral remix with vocals
3. Cheating Life Game (イカサマライフゲーム) ; A shorter 8-bit version with no vocals
4. Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story (六兆年と一夜物語) ; A slower and calmer version with vocals
5. Jinseikasamarainvisible (人生イカサマラインビジブル) ; A mashup of Life Reset Button, Invisible, Cheating Life Game and Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story

Disk 3 : PANDORA VOXX - Apocalypse-Edit

A disk of the PVs
1. Life Reset Button (人生リセットボタン)
2. Invisible (インビジブル)
3. Cheating Life Game (イカサマライフゲーム)
4. Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story (六兆年と一夜物語)
5. Our Policy of Retaliation (ぼくらの報復制作)


PANDORA VOXX 【クロスフェード Crossfade】07:40

PANDORA VOXX 【クロスフェード Crossfade】

PANDORA VOXX Album Crossfade

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