Natsuhiko Shidou
Kanji 紫藤ナツヒコ
Rōmaji Shidou Natsuhiko
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Song Life Cheating Game
Novel Ikasama Life Game

Natsuhiko Shidou (紫藤ナツヒコ Shidou Natsuhiko) is the main character of the Ikasama Life Game novel.


Natsuhiko has long brown hair which sweeps over the left side of his face. He wears a green jacket, black jeans and gray boots. He has two piercings around his left ear and wears a gold bangle and a silver ring. His school uniform is the standard white shirt, black pants and orange tie, with a black blazer of which he roles up the sleeves.


He was orphaned at an early age after his parents were killed in car accident at the hand of Itsuki Shindou, and was left with his sister Momiji Shidou and his grandparents. He is now in his first year in high school at Kurihara High School in Hachiogi, Tokyo.
After the Itsuki Shindou case made the headlines again, Natsuhiko was approached by Jirou Asai in an attempt to have his story published in his magazine. After having witnessed a small car accident while being questioned by Jirou, Natsuhiko has flashbacks and returs home, holding the strong desire for a peaceful future without any unhappy encounters, which is then granted by Maki-chan, in the form of a future-predicting card. She warns him that he would have to pay the price of his card, and after the death of Sora Fushimi, Natsuhiko witnesses acquaintances of his being killed by its power.
Natsuhiko then meets Ruma, a young girl who takes the appearance of a death god, whom Maki had been searching for. Ruma had been asked to kill Natsuhiko, and attempts to eliminate Maki-chan, who gets in her way. However, Natsuhiko protects Maki and dies from a slash wound to his abdomen which Ruma inflicted upon him with her scythe. Maki then grants him a final wish; to be together with Sora for eternity. 




  • Before his name was revealed, fans used to call him "Ikasama-kun".
  • He doesn't like the cold, and notes that he often neglects the air conditioning in his room. This is likely because the death of his parents happened during the winter.
  • The jacket and piercings Natsuhiko is often pictured in were inspired by the outgoing style of his friend Akito. Whereas Akito buys his clothes from brands, Natsuhiko bought his from a 100 yen store.
  • Natsuhiko (written as ナツヒコ) roughly translates to 'summer boy', perhaps in reference to his hatred of the cold. Shidou (紫藤) roughly translated to 'purple wisteria', a type of flower which symbolizes durability through times of sadness.



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