• Yuuto Hashidate: Granted his wish 'to become perfect'. She did this through giving him a reset button
  • Souhei Shima: Granted his wish to turn invisible. They were briefly in the same class, and she often pestered him.
  • Hijiri Aota: While she was in the same class as Souhei, her and Hijiri were in the same friendship group. She referred to him by his nickname 'Hijirin'
  • Natsuhiko Shidou: Granted his wish 'to live in peace' by giving him a future predicting card. He supposedly saved her from death. After this, she granted his wish 'to be with Sora'.
  • Ruma: She wished for a being that could grant wishes and Ruma was created. Ruma is supposedly a copy of Maki-chan, meaning that they are in some way related.
  • Riku: Granted his wish to destroy all of humanity. Since Ruma is the original 'Imigo' and Maki and Ruma are related, he is related to Maki.
  • Ai: Since Ruma is the original 'Imigo', they are related.

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