Hijiri Aota
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16-17
Status Alive
First Appearance
Novel Invisible

Hijiri Aota


Though it hasn't been described in the book, the novel image on Page 103 depicts Hijiri with dark, short hair which falls over his forehead. He wears the same uniform as Souhei.


Hijiri and Souhei used to be close, but they had an argument in middle school and since then, Hijiri has pretended that Souhei did not exist. He and Souhei have been in the same class for 5 years and each time they were moved around, Hijiri had kept a leader-like role among the class. With his good looks and persuasive language, he owns a sort of army which he uses to bully Souhei. His friends and him are responsible for graffiti on Souhei's books, damaged equipment and eraser shavings in his locker.[1]


  • Hijiri (聖) roughly means 'Saint', 'Priest' or 'Holy person', perhaps referring to the role of which his classmates deem him as. Aota (青田) means 'blue rice paddy'


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