Akito Mamiya

Akito mamiya hatsuko

Akito mamiya fumi

Kanji 間宮アキト
Rōmaji Mamiya Akito
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First Appearance
Song Our Revenge Policy
Novel Ikasama Life Game

Akito Mamiya (間宮アキト Mamiya Akito) is a secondary character from the Cheating Life Game novel.


As described by Natsuhiko, he has a finely chiseled face and the features of a typical japanese man. Akito has short, light brown hair which parts at the middle of his face. He wears the same uniform as Natsuhiko, with a black blazer, white shirt and yellow tie. He has dark brown, round eyes.


Akito and Natsuhiko became friends when they both joined Kurihara Highschool. He is often full of energy and is extremely positive, trying his best to see the good in things. He is part of the soccer club. He is close friends with both Natsuhiko and Sora, but it is later revealed that he was also in love with Sora.
After Sora's death Natsuhiko and Akito become a lot closer, to the point where Natsuhiko tells him about the card.
Heartbroken and angry upon finding out that Natsuhiko chose his own life over Sora's, Akito's wish is answered by Ruma for Natsuhiko and the person who made the card (Maki) to be killed.




  • Though a specific outfit is never described, Natsuhiko's outfit that he wears on the cover of the novel was directly inspired by Akito's apparently flamboyant style.
  • Because 'Akito' is written in katakana, it's hard to tell the exact meaning of the name. Commonly the name Akito means 'bright person' (明 - Aki, meaning 'light' + 人 - To, meaning 'person'). Ma (間) means 'space', 'time period' or 'time interval' and Miya (宮) means 'shrine', 'palace', etc.



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